10 ideas for your free lockdown posters!
Make the most of the COVID-19 Pandemic

10 ideas for your free lockdown posters!

So, we have sent out to hundreds of households our free lockdown posters, thank you to all those who sent in their photos! We have also sent people free designs of the posters, with their own choice of text, so they can print them or use the file as they please.

Using some of the photos you sent us, and more, here are ten ideas for your free lockdown posters!

1.  Stick one on your church notice board if you have one. Laminate them if you want them to last! We can send you A4 or A3 paper versions of this, or you can download the file to print your own. You can also buy from us bigger posters, or download the file and use a local printer.

2.  Stick them on a cork board behind you for your online zoom meetings.- everyone should then read them who tune in to your meeting! - this is for when you are talking to your friends, family or for your business meeting online!

3.  The obvious place is, stick them on your windows! Everyone else does it for the NHS. How much more so should we should do it for the Lord!

4.  Indoors, on a wall.- you could even frame them! Especially good if you have a public access building that is being used during lockdown.

5.  Download the file and make them into small tracts to post through neighbours doors - we can help with the printing or you can use someone locally - or, another shameless plug... - we give away all sorts of other Gospel tracts, visit our website and request up to 800 at a time - we have around 30 different designs to choose from! Click the links above for more information.

6.  Download the free file and print them as stickers - to put in various places (we can help with sticker printing if needed, or you can use a local printers).

7.  Again, download the file and use as a street board for when you are out and about (again we can help print these, or use a local printer).

8.  Stick one in your car window!

9.  Take a picture of your poster and share it on Facebook (or other social media) for your friends to read. We have had over 13,000 people view the image on our page, over 1500 liked the image, over 300 loved it.

10.  Send a printed copy to someone in your church who might use it. ...  So with that in mind, we are now offering up to three free copies! (psst... you can order again if this video has inspired you to use them in other places!).

noteable mentions.... one pastor used a postor to promote their street Bible giveaway! Another pastor ordered two posters for all twenty five church members! - please note, they did pay for those - so please remember, we are offering a maximum of three paper posters per household for free, or a download with scriptures of your choice - we will have to quote you for anything different to that, or you can use a local printers.

To request your free posters or download file CLICK HERE

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Please remember - pray, pray and pray again before using these posters, about where to display them, and also, that people will read them. That conversations will come from them and pray after people have read them too. Just make sure you pray!

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