10 ways to evangelise in Lockdown
Make the most of the COVID-19 Pandemic

10 ways to evangelise in Lockdown

We would love you to prayerfully consider the following 10 ways to personally witness for Jesus while we are in lockdown:

  1. FREE rainbow scripture posters (for your window)
    Psalm 20 verse 5 says, "in the name of our God we will set up our banners"  
    We see today a great many banners placed in windows all across the land - giving thanks to the NHS. Many have rainbows - to catch the eyes of children as well as adults alike. So I thought, would'nt it be great to have rainbow posters on our windows with scripture verses on. So here is my offer for Christians across the United Kingdom - free scripture posters for your window. You can choose A4 or A3 size (or bigger! - see form for details) and you can have whatever scripture text you prayerfully desire - just remember, the less text, the easier folk can read! To request yours, fill in the form by clicking here. PLEASE send us your photos when you put the posters up! --- UPDATE --- check out our video below "10 ideas for your free lockdown posters"

  2. Decorate your letterbox - with the offer of a free Bible. If you don't any Bibles to give, use our website www.free-Bible.co.uk. You could even place a short scripture on your letterbox too. If you have some Bibles to give away, wrap them up. Include a business card with info about your church (we can design and print these for you - these can have many uses as well act as a guide to direct people to your church - place a map on the back) - also include a tract if you can - we have had people come to the door and ask for Bibles. Recently a cold call salesman requested one. Another alternative is to simply place a scripture verse on the letterbox.
  3. Encourage people to take tracts outside your house. You can do this by placing a tract / flyer holder (here is where you could purchase one: (Click here to buy a holder). Keep the tracts fresh and preserved in all weather by laminating them - we can provide you with free unlaminated tracts - we have thirty different designs!
  4. While outside, doing your regular exercise - strike up a conversation with an icebreaker question " does this pandemic make you think more about life after death?" or say "does it make you think about God more?" This question can be applied online, on the phone or with social media or just in an email to people.
  5. Our favourite - put a box of items together for your neighbour. Some essentials that will be appreciated at this time - toilet rolls, hand wash, uht milk - whatever you can spare. Make sure to include a tract, or even a Bible with a tract. Leave the box at the doorstep, knock and stepping back simply tell them that the box is a gift for them at this challenging time.
  6. The Living Waters tract - check out the tract by clicking here (free +postage - with donation welcome) - inside the tract is a great way to serve your neighbours!
  7. Simply write a greetings card to your friends and neighbours. Tell them that you are praying for them. Include a tract where appropriate.
  8. Prayerfully write a letter to your neignbours - it would be best to make it your own words - get in touch if you want help with printing these. You could send the same one to hundreds of houses in your neighbourhood (ask us about designing this if you need help)! Contact us for a sample letter template.
  9. Telephone your local small shop - ask them how many employees work there- state that you would like to drop them off a small gift for each to say thank you for being on the front line. Include a tract, or gift them a New Testament. This could be something you could do for other key workers who you know.
  10. Good old fashioned pen and ink - write to your relatives, now is a great time to tell them the Gospel if you have not aleady. Encourage them to write back - much can be said in a letter that they may not feel comfortable with speaking in person or over the phone.

please surround whatever you do in prayer - consider sharing this guide with as many Christians as you can!

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