5 reasons to send birthday cards to ministry supporters
Printed birthday greeting cards, folded with envelopes

5 reasons to send birthday cards to ministry supporters

Those who have been tasked with raising support for their Christian ministries will tell you that it’s possible, even easy, to burnout ministry supporters by too frequently making pleas for financial support. It’s good to include among your correspondences notes, cards, and letters that are sent for no other reason than to bless the recipient.

In this article, we will look at some reasons why it is advantageous to send Birthday cards to ministry supporters.

1. A Birthday card tells the recipient that he or she is of more value to your ministry than the support he or she provides.
2. A Birthday card is an opportunity to thank the recipient for the support they have provided to your ministry.
3. A Birthday card provides an opportunity to offer the recipient a scriptural word of encouragement (or even one - or a pile - of our free Gospel tracts! - spur one another on to good works!).
4. A Birthday card provides the recipient with a subtle reminder that you and your ministry are still out there. Sending a Birthday card can motivate the recipient to pray or return to praying for you and your ministry.
5. People like to tell others when they receive unexpected cards and gifts. Sending Birthday cards to your ministry supporters can serve as word-of- mouth advertisement for your ministry, as recipients tell others about the card they received.

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