5 ways to reach neighbours for Christ
5 practical ways to speak the Gospel to neighbours

5 ways to reach neighbours for Christ

Speak to our neighbours? No way! We are british and it is something that is simply not done any more!

Well, we are called to love our neighbours "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." Matthew 19:19.

Without a doubt, part of loving your neighbour is to tell them about Jesus.

Here you will find 5 ways to reach the neighbours close to you and in the whole of the town or city!


1. Go talk to them! Pray and seek dialogue. Sounds old fashioned but it is strange how little we talk to each other. 

2. Send them a greetings card, use Easter and Christmas to simply send a card to your neighbours. Include an invite to dialogue, to an event or even put on a BBQ. Include a tract with the greetings card. 

3. Advert in a local circular magazine or newspaper. perhaps place a quarter page advert in one, offering readers a Bible, or even a Bible study (use our website to do this if you like - www.free-Bible.co.uk) or more information on Christian things if they email you.

4. Door to door flyers. for example, we offer a free door to door flyer that has had a massive amount of response. You can view the flyer by clicking the following link and viewing "A gift is awaiting your collection" - CLICK HERE

To encourage you, here is a photo of one brother who has so far ordered 15,000 of them and has, with the help of others, put one through the door of the majority of Sleaford!

5. Scripture boards in the window or in the garden. This may sound odd, but for decades now church buildings have been displaying scripture signs outside. Why should it just be churches where this is done? Outside of the house pictured below there is a bus stop facing the house where not only do many people stand, but they sit while on the bus. It does not matter how many folk pass the signs, the fact is people read them! Also outside of this house is a long queue of traffic in rush hour! Perfect! Countless people walk past in the week. Not only that, you get to know the Christians in the area, as many have knocked at this door.
Stop and think about where best to do this with your home. Imagine how many folk would read it who happen to be passing by the area, let alone it being there as a reminder to the neighbours!


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