3 reasons you should use Easter Cards for your Christian Ministry.
Designed and Printed Cards for use in and around Easter.

Christ is Risen!

Easter cards date back to the late 1890’s. It is unclear where the first Easter were first circulated, but by 1905 Austria and Germany were leading the fledgling industry.

The first Easter cards were actually postcards. The front of the cards had no image. The front side of the card was the area designated for writing notes to the recipients. The back of the card was reserved for only the recipient’s address and a postage stamp.

Austria and Germany were the first countries to develop postcards with the backs split into two halves. One half was for postage; the other half was for a written note. This new concept allowed for images to appear on the front of the postcard. The first Easter-related image to appear on the front of a postcard was a large Easter egg. This was soon followed by other Easter-related images such as the Easter Bunny.

Although in recent years the sending of Easter cards has somewhat declined—due to the development of email, the Internet, and cell phones—there is still many uses for greeting cards such as the Easter card, with millions of people still hoping to find cards and letters in their mailboxes.

In this article, we will look at a few reasons why it is advantageous to send Easter cards to ministry supporters:

  1. Keep your ministry in the forefront of supporters’ minds. According to Mail Chimp, a major online newsletter platform, the newsletters and other online correspondences sent out by non-profit organizations (such as Christian ministries), see an open rate of about 25% and a click rate of less than 3%. This means that if you have an online mailing list of 100 people, only 25 of those people ever open your email and, if your email contains any links to ministry websites or blogs, only three out of those 100 people are clicking on the links. People who receive a letter or card in their mailboxes from people they know are far more likely to open and read what they receive.

    Sending out cards during Christian holiday seasons, such as Easter, is an effective way to remind your ministry supporters that you’re still out there serving the Lord. You may want to include a short ministry letter inside the card, in which you provide your supporters with up-to-date information about your ministry’s activities.
  2. An Easter card is more personal than an email. A holiday greeting card, which contains a handwritten note or inscription is far more personal than an email sent via cyberspace. Greeting cards carry with them a sense of warmth and appropriate intimacy that makes the content of the card all that more important to the recipient.
  3. Easter is a wonderful time to share the gospel. If you’ve been in Christian ministry for any length of time, you’ve likely come to the sad realization that not everyone who name’s the name of Christ is truly born-again. This might include some of the followers of your ministry. There’s never an inappropriate time to communicate the gospel (whether to the saved or the lost), and there are few times of the year when people more readily expect to hear the gospel than at Easter.

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