FREE, Brand new >worldwide< "Thank you" Gospel tract
Another great free Gospel tract to tell people about the Good news of Jesus Christ

FREE, Brand new >worldwide< "Thank you" Gospel tract

We are very excited to announce the availability of our brand new FREE Gospel tract that is available worldwide!

What is the tract all about? 

Well, it is heavily influenced by Tony Miano's tract (view here)

The tract is to enable you to make known the Gospel when you visit a shop, restaurant, or when you interact with someone who has served you in some way. Such as when they bring you food at a takeout. Or if a policeman has helped you with directions. I am sure there are many more practical uses of this tract than we can think of. When someone delivers a parcel to your door or cleans your windows. Include it in a Christmas card to your mail man. As you step off a bus, give one to the driver!

The great thing about this card is not only the many practical uses for the card, but it is business card size so can easily be carried around in your wallet. It is also available WORLDWIDE.

Here are the words of the tract. Click the link "Free Bibles and Literature" above, follow the instructions and place your order today (or you can download and print yourself)!


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