IN FOCUS: our FREE door to door Gospel tract
A gift awaiting your collection

IN FOCUS: our FREE door to door Gospel tract

Without doubt a very popular Gospel tract. The "A gift is awaiting your collection" tract is guaranteed to be read. Why? Because it looks like a card left by a courier. Amongst any junk mail, something like this will stand out on the door mat. And Indeed it has recently (more of that shortly).

 A list of reasons why it is probably one of the most visually effective, apart from the reason mentioned above, is that it reaches every household (at least one person within) when it is put through the door. Imagine the person who never ventures into town the day you hand out other Gospel tracts. Or the elderly person who simply can not leave the home. the person who simply never takes a flyer from a person on the street because their mind is completely set against it (usually the flyers given to them are just wanting to sell something). Or what about the man who through peer pressure mocks the tract and throws it away? 

This is the Word of life presented before individuals in our neighbourhoods. Can it be too hard to put these through a letterbox?

Amazingly I have had up to 15,000 ordered for an individual who wants to get them all out around his town. After 10,000 were delivered, an amazing 3% took to social media, contacting the press and also the police in protest. This brought the magnifying glass upon the Gospel and we should rejoice at that!

Here is an example of where the local press has taken to having a go at the tract: click here

When reading the article it is important to note that they only talk about the bad news. they make some silly idea up about children being offended when I am sure they could easily be offended by the front of a cigarette packet, or the animal rights campaigners with their photographed experiments on animals. A poor piece of journalism, given that they state "It is not known who has been handing out the cards" and yet the back of the tract has four points of contact including a church local to the area! 

Please take the time to read over the tract. You can view it by visiting our Free Bibles and literature page.

If you would like a large amount to reach your local area (upwards of 1000+), please contact us for pricing. 

You may also want to read FIVE ways to reach your neighbourhood for Christ to inspire you of other ways to reach the houses in your village, town or city.

We have had Bible requests through these tracts, there has also been a large number of phone calls. We can personalise these if you order 1000+ so that people can respond to you personally.

Do you have any testimonies relating to this tract? Contact us and we may share it on the website.

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