Our free "have you heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Gospel tract
Why use it? Where you could leave it

Our free "have you heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Gospel tract

"for we walk by faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Why did we produce it?

This Free Christian printed Gospel tract is very similar to our "Free Gift" & "Thank you" tracts. The same size and feel. With one distinctive difference - it is full of text.

Not only is it full of text, it points the reader to find out more from the Bible - appeals to them to do their own little (possibly first ever), Bible study (with some 20+ verses to look up). It is especially for those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus before.

"faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Many a time I have had people state of such tracts "It is too wordy" or "people will lose interest with that much wording." But I want to say that this is an unhelpful statement - and likely to not be true. How so? Firstly, If we walk by faith and not by sight, then really trust that faith comes by the Word of God, then we can trust God "is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think" Ephesians 3:20. Then, surely can we trust that He can accomplish salvation or a work in the heart through His appointed means (His Word)? Can we also think that a person is unable to read so many words? What hope have they for reading the Bible? The truth is that most people who can read, are likely to read far lengthier items elsewhere - instructions, books and magazine articles. I fear the truth of the matter is. that some people (who say this) lack faith in the Word (See Isaiah 55:11). Indeed, it says in the second half of the verse "it (His word) shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

So if you have any doubts about wordy tracts, cast them aside as but a distraction to what God has clearly instructed.

The tract itself is surprisingly popular.

Like the "Free Gift," card, this one can also be prayerfully used in almost every scenario.

Small enough to fit in a wallet and easy to carry around. It fits into all lifestyles.

What to do with it / where to leave it

" whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

From your home

There is much you can do with these from your own home.

Why not include a card when returning an item that was delivered to you by mistake?

Do you sell items? For example on Ebay or Gumtree - why not include a tract with the item(s) you sell? If you have to pay a bill by post, stick a tract in with it. In fact, think about all the items you mail out - which could you send including a tract?

When people come to your door, be ready to offer them a tract - you could say to the visitor "here is something very important for you to read." Or if they are a tradesman or postal worker "Here is something for you to read on your next break."

Local neighbourhood   "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." Mark 12:31

When you go out for a walk, place it into a phone box. You could also make it an aim to post one through a certain number of doors each time you go out. I especially love those blocks of flats that have one wall of post boxes / letterboxes for every flat. Within minutes you can post a tract to everyone who lives in the block!

Heading to the shop? why not go to a different shop each time, then after you pay for your goods, give one to the cashier "this is for you, have a great day!"

On a longer journey

If you are taking a longer journey, leave one on the train. Perhaps place it within a free newspaper for the next reader to find. Or, place on the food tray for the next person to pull down and discover.

Heading to a train or coach station? There are many places you can leave a tract for different people at the station and on public transport.  Don't forget to give them to the people who work there!

Going for a walk or visiting a shopping area

Stand in an area where lots of people walk by. Offer the passers by a tract "did you get one of these?" - you never know what interesting conversations might come about. Approach a person on a bench and prayerfully ask them a question to start a conversation with the tract.

Go with another Christian to encourage each other. Ensure you ask your fellowship for prayer. Share stories with others how it goes - it will encourage Christians to hear what happens.

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Visiting a supermarket or local shop

There are a number of places you could leave tracts in and around supermarkets or shops. But careful that you are not littering or placing them somewhere that they will be simply thrown into a bin. I remember once a lady who went into a bookshop and placed a tract in every copy of the Koran. Someone reported her for doing it. The shop assistant went to check, but only checked the Bibles - not the Korans!

Don't forget to leave one in the car park payment machine.

Calling at a service station on your journey?

There are many places in a service station to leave a tract. I like to visit the leaflet rack, take a few flyers out, sit down and put a tract in each. Then return them to where they were.

Many service stations have vending machines - place a tract in the change slot, or the area where goods are retrieved from.

Healthcare waiting areas

This is the place where people can get very bored and tired of waiting - leave a tract for them to read and consider!

Visiting a library or restaurant

Why not place the tract in books about other faiths? Pray about which specific ones and make a habit of visiting to put some in other books too.

Another idea could be to give them to your server in a restaurant or the cashier (leave them a good tip too).

There are many other places within these venues where a tract can be left - be creative!

When on holiday / visiting other people

Repeat the above scenarios, just in a different place!

Take it one step further

"consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" Hebrews 10:24

Don't forget to encourage other Christians to use these too! - Show them how easy they are to use, or share with them a story of how you have used them. Tell them they can request them free through the detail on each tract. Point them to this article to show them how useful the tract is and where they could place them.

Speak with your pastor too to see if he might encourage folks in the work.

Remember to pray about them before and after, that you might be led where the Lord would have you go. That He might prepare hearts to read them and work in them and their household.

Can you think of anything to add to this article? Contact us with your stories and ideas.

For His Glory,

- Nigel

To order your printed ""have you heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Gospel tract, follow our instructions here: https://xpandchristianity.co.uk/free-bibles-and-literature 

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