Reasons to Print and Distribute Outreach Flyers
Do you use Gospel flyers?

A “flyer” or “leaflet” - in Christian terms can be called a "tract" is a small hand held 'note' (although sizes can vary). The term “flyer” is actually a slang term with its origins in 1880’s United States. Of course, 'notes' have been around much longer than that, just as many things have been around longer than the United States. The term “flyer” came about as another name for police bulletins in late 19th century America.

Flyers have many applications today: event advertisement, lost and found items, missing persons, etc. Flyers also have many practical and effective uses in the realm of Christian evangelism. Below is a brief and inexhaustive list of reasons to use flyers in a personal and corporate Christian context.


  1. Flyers can be made in various sizes to fit any application or context.
  2. Flyers can provide information to a large number of people. A single, well-placed flyer can communicate information to hundreds, even thousands of people, in a relatively short amount of time.
  3. Flyers are a less-expensive form of advertisement when compared to mediums such as radio, television, and paid Internet advertisement.
  4. Flyers can be affixed to almost any surface (check local laws and ordinances for regulations regarding the placing of printed materials on public property).
  5. Flyers make for a wonderful transition into gospel conversations. Here’s how: Let’s say your church is hosting a Bible School (Kids Club or Kids Camp). Local businesses, as a means of community activism and support, will occasionally (free-of-charge) post flyers for community opportunities on windows and/or bulletin boards. A member of the church, upon entering a local business to ask permission to post the flyer, has an immediate and reasonable opportunity to engage the proprietor or employee in conversation related to the event on the flyer. “Hello. My church is hosting a Holiday Bible School in a few weeks. In addition to age-appropriate games and activities, we will introduce the children to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do you have any spiritual beliefs? Do you attend church here, in the community?”
  6. Flyers can be used as publicly posted Gospel tracts. In addition to announcing your church’s event or special service, a succinct law and Gospel message will fit nicely on the flyer.


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