This Christmas:
Make Christ known far and wide (5 ways)

1... Order more Gospel Tracts + our new custom bulk printed Gospel Christmas Cards!

NOTE: please order all Christmas tracts by latest - 16th December!

We are always looking for new ways to reach people with the Gospel.

In particular we try to encourage the use of "key days" of the year, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter etc.

This page is about using the yearly event of Christmas (regardless of what you think about the season).

As well as a good available stock of our usual tract "HAVE YOU BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE?" (UK dispatch only)- which you can order complettely FREE, delivered to your door by clicking here and filling in the contact form selecting "free Gospel tract request"  

We also wanted to mention that we can now print the new Christmas Card tract (as well as the "new year 2020" design pictured below - both this one and the Christmas Card tract are designed and created by our friends at in bulk amounts. This is if you are thinking of going the whole hog (not a Christmas pun - but can be) and reaching large numbers of people. By bulk, we mean 100+ of a Christmas Card design or 1000+ of the other Gospel tracts. We can even place your personal contact details on these, or your church details - to ensure they can contact someone local for discipleship or for a Bible.

Where could you use these Christmas Card tracts? Send them to your loved ones and your neighbours. To your work colleagues, or even give them to your regular person who delivers your mail! What about the general Christmas tracts? As well as when folks come to your door to sing Christmas Carols, why not look up local events that are celebrating Christmas? Or even music concerts, indoor conventions / events etc. Or, you could simply take to your local high street and hand them out and say "did you get one of these?"

You can order the Christmas Cards / bulk amount of tracts by clicking here and filling in the contact form selecting "Printing services / quote / bulk tract request"

Wherever you go, pray, pray and pray! Then when you are done, pray some more. We really hope these resources will be a great ice breaker for you to reach many with the Gospel.

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2... Order street boards, church posters, & custom t-shirts for your outreach or Church meetings + much more!

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3... View & share our list of where to leave Gospel tracts

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4... Watch & Share our video

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5... Send us photos & testimonials 
to spur others on

(Where do you leave your tracts? What conversations have you had that you would like to share?)


What comes next?

Contact us if you are interested in Valentines Day tracts by clicking here and filling in the contact form selecting "Printing services / quote / bulk tract request"   (more will be added to our range of tracts soon)



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